Sprayed Concrete

High-strength concrete repairs that offer you durability and peace of mind.

Sprayed concrete is highly efficient and effective

At Prestec, we specialise in using Gunite sprayed concrete as it offers high-strength concrete easily and efficiently - there’s no need for formwork. This saves money and time and ensures strong, durable results with low permeability. It’s particularly useful in hard-to-access areas as it offers a targeted approach to reinforcement.


Versatile Material

Gunite can be used in all sorts of situations and still, offers the durability, strength and thermal mass of traditional shuttered and poured concrete.


Quick Response

In the case of urgent repairs or stabilisation, we respond quickly to deliver a durable finish that will last for years to come.


Safety First

Each of our operatives is fully qualified, with high-quality training in the application of Gunite. They can tackle any situation, no matter how complex.